We use your goat milk for our puppies. They are the healthiest and happiest puppies ever. Thank you so much for your great powdered and evaporated goat milk!

We have 3 kids that cannot drink cow milk. We have tried almond milk, coconut milk and even alternative butters. Nothing is as good as your goat milk and goat butter! It’s wonderful to make mashed potatoes with real milk and real butter again! Thank You so much!

I grew up on a farm with fresh goat milk but I wasn’t a big fan of the goat milk then. But now I’ve tried your goat milk I can say that I LOVE Goat Milk, thank you Meyenberg! Our whole family loves goat milk more than cow milk…we are a family of customers forever!

As a mother would could not breastfeed, I heard about using the goat milk in a formula base recipe. After trying all the formulas on the market all without success, the goat milk worked the best! No more fussy or gassy tummy, no more vomiting for my baby; he’s healthy and so happy! Thank you so much for helping my son to become the healthy child he is today.

I was born with a rare digestive syndrome that wouldn’t allow me to digest milk or soy proteins. I was unable to thrive because of it; a Pediatrician recommended to my parents to try goat milk. It worked and now I am a very healthy adult that still uses your goat milk regularly! Thank you Meyenberg!

Our son suffered from a metabolic condition when he was a child, we took him off cow milk due to complications with constipation. Now he’s fully grown, healthy and hardly ever sick! The doctors were amazed at how healthy he became and no respiratory issues or asthma! Thank you for your goat milk, we all love it!

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