Cleopatra Secret


Well…it worked for her!

Cleopatra beguiled Caesar and Marc Antony. Her beauty and brains were renowned throughout ancient Egypt. She is legendary.

Would you like to become a “legend in your own time?”

HOW DID SHE DO IT? Her secret was not revealed in hieroglyphics nor has an ancient papyrus come to light uncovered by an archaeologist digging in the Valley of the Queens. It is a well known fact that ancient peoples drank goat milk rather than cow milk and we suspect that Cleo bathed her seductive body in the milk of Nubian goats.

If it worked for The Queen of The Nile, it will work for you!

For the same decadent experience, indulge yourself in a Cleopatra Goat Milk bath.

Open a can of fresh, fluffy powdered goat milk (available at your local supermarket, specialty or health food store).

Make a thin paste of 4 to 5 scoops of Meyenberg Powdered Goat Milk mixed with a little water. Add this mixture to a steaming bath. Step in. Turban your tresses with a lush towel, slather another handful of the powder with more water and massage it slowly onto any part of your skin. Repeat with another handful to experience a satin shave too.

All the while, the goat milk makes your bath itself rich and creamy as it covers your skin with an invisible silken coat.

Have a long, languid soak. Your skin will have an unprecedented softness—just like sexy Cleopatra after her bath. Who knows, in 2,000 years civilization may be reading about you.

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