Goat Milk Butter

“I would give Meyenberg butter 500 stars if I could. It's that good.” – SLJ

For something unique and delicious, try our award-winning Meyenberg goat butter. It’s rich, creamy, delicious, and incredibly light with a low melting point ideal for cooking. It’s also easily spreadable. Try it on a baguette, muffin, or melted over hot popcorn.


  • Rich, creamy and delicious.
  • Low melting point makes for easy spreading.
  • European Style – made from churning fresh goat milk cream.
  • 100% natural. Free of soy, gluten, artificial colors and flavors, antibiotics, preservatives, or growth hormones.
  • Lightly salted.
  • Certified kosher.

Available for purchase on our website below. Limited distribution in grocery stores – call ahead to check availability.

For detailed nutritional information, click here.


Meyenberg European Style Goat Butter :   8oz
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