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If you love a robust aged cheddar, then you simply must try our awarding-winning Meyenberg Valley Cheddar Goat Cheese. It is delectably sharp and smooth, with a crowning flavor structure appropriate to an aged cheddar. You’ll find it’s creamy with mild goat overtones thanks to its minimum aging of 90 days. It’s also firm and sliceable, which makes it perfect for both the table and for cooking.

As with our other goat milk products, it is a naturally gluten free food. Meyenberg Valley Goat Chedder is Kosher. Goat cheese is also easier to digest for those who are sensitive to cow milk or have soy allergies.

You’ll find it at leading grocery and health food stores throughout the country, or you may buy it directly through our online store.

Product Tip: We do not recommend freezing this cheese. Store remaining cheese in plastic wrap or baggie in your refrigerator.

Meyenberg Valley Cheddar Goat Cheese :   8oz
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