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From goat milk chai to a creamy strawberry shake, learn how to use goat milk goodness in tasty beverages.

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Goat Milk Matcha Latte

Creamy, frothy matcha latte made with Meyenberg Goat Milk.

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Tropical Protein Smoothie

Give your body an energy boost with a creamy tropical smoothie powered by our powdered goat milk!

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Goat Milk Coffee Creamer

Packed with essential vitamins and minerals and more easily digestible than cow milk, our powdered goat milk is the perfect way to "up your cup" of coffee in the morning.

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Goat Milk Shake Recipe

Strawberry Goat Milk Shake

Try a rich, creamy strawberry milk shake that uses easy-to-digest goat milk.

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Chai Latte with Goat Milk

Enjoy a sweet and spicy chai latte with deliciously creamy goat milk.

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Meyenberg Goat Milk Coffee Latte

Goat Milk Caffè Latte

Enjoy coffee or espresso with real milk, that's easy to digest.

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Goat Milk Eggnog

A sweet, creamy, and delicious holiday treat.

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Green Goat Milk Smoothie

Green Goat Milk Smoothie

Boost up your green smoothie with potassium and protein packed goat milk.

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Goat Milk Hot Coaoa

Spicy Hot Cocoa with Goat Milk

A chocolate-y sweet treat made special with creamy goat milk and a touch of spice.

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